Do you live in a neighborhood where you will have visitors on Halloween this year? It’s a Friday night so people will be out and about, families will be taking their little ones trick or treating. If you live in a neighborhood where kids will come to your door for candy we created a homeowners guide to a safe Halloween. We offer these tips to help you prepare your home and property for people walking up your driveway at night and meeting you at your door for some treats.

1) Make sure your driveway is clear of debris. If you have an uneven spot in your driveway where maybe the concrete has lifted put an orange cone in the spot to alert people of the problem.

2) Park your car(s) in your garage to avoid being scratched or having people lean against it

3) You may consider sitting in your driveway to pass out candy

4) Don’t invite people into your home or your foyer – wandering eyes may see some valuable belongings you have, don’t open yourself up to a future break-in

5) If you have exterior lights – USE THEM! Allow people to navigate their way to your front door easily.

6) Halloween decor is beautiful but can also be a hazard – if you have exterior lights, animated decorations be sure to tuck the cords and any extension cords into bushes and avoid having them lay across walk ways. Little kids get running and don’t always see where they are walking when in costume, somebody may trip and fall.

7) If you have a dog keep your dog locked in either their crate or a spare bedroom – the frequent visitors may bother your canine friend and he/she may accidentally bite a trick or treater

8) Trim back your landscaping – little kids can easily get poked in the eye, trip over a branch or get scratched on any bushes that are overgrown and hanging in the walkway

9) If you have a sidewalk in front of your home – be sure to mark any areas where the concrete may be lifted, you could mark it with a cone. Avoid an accident claim. It could be “sticky” if the person trips on the sidewalk that you don’t own, but is in front of your home. To put it simply – just mark it with something or call your county public works office to alert them of the problem. They may be able to come out and mark off that area so people walk around the hazard

10) If you don’t plan to be home on Halloween – don’t leave a bowl of candy out, this just invites people to your front door to poke around when you are not there. Just lock your doors, turn your lights out and don’t leave a note. Most people will pass up your home

We hope you enjoy your Halloween this year. A homeowners insurance claim is never fun. We encourage our clients to take safety precautions prior to Halloween. It may be worth the few minutes to call your homeowners insurance agent and do a quick policy review just so you know how much coverage you have….you can always adjust your policy.

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