Condominium Insurance

Insurance coverage for condominiums in Florida is essential especially if you live on the water and/or you rent out your condominium for part of the year. Many people ask “What Does Condominium Insurance Cover?”

Depending on the type of condo insurance you purchase some policies will cover most of your belongings as well as your condominium itself (i.e. walls, flooring, etc.) Our insurance agents will advise you how much insurance you will need as well as your condominium insurance premiums.

If you live on the waterfront in Florida we highly recommend you speak with our condo insurance agents prior to the next hurricane season. It can be difficult to get insurance coverage if a hurricane is within a certain mile radius from you.

If you rent your condominium out we encourage clients to carry insurance to protect you against liabilities that may occur while you have renters in your condo. We also recommend when you are interviewing people to rent that you ask them if they have renters insurance. If both you and your renters have insurance both of you will be protected.

If you are looking for condominium insurance coverage please call our offices in Naples 239-591-0963, Port Charlotte 941-391-5423 or Ft. Myers at 239-997-0420 or send an email to: